published at #100DaysToOffload is a simple concept that Kev Quirk thought of one day.

Quoting from 100daystooffload.com's website:

#100DaysToOffload is a simple concept that Kev Quirk thought of one day. The rationale behind the whole thing is to challenge people to publish 100 posts on their personal blog in a year. That's approximately 1 post every 3.5 days.

Basically I don't care with how I publish my blog post: my blog, my rulez.

But since I'm fully support with the Indie Web Movement/Decentralized/anything that related with the subject, I appreciate Kev's idea.

I've written about this topic previously, just scroll down on my blog, probably I've published either in Bahasa or in my terrible English.

Last week (until today) I actively looking for Twitter alternative since I only use Twitter for socializing virtually with some cool Indonesian folks. I've tried Mastodon, Diaspora, GNU Social, Pleroma, anything.

But it doesn't fit with my need: No Indonesian I ever meet there.

I hate Twitter

Even though Twitter is great—and also I know some great developers in Indonesia from Twitter—but I hate the way Twitter give us me the information. I hate that explore tab (fuck you trending topic), I hate that "Lihat Tweet terbaru saja Anda akan dialihkan kembali ke Beranda setelah tidak aktif selama beberapa saat" thing, I hate when people arguing their nonsense politics perspective.

Basically I hate everything, really.

And yes, that Mute Word feature unfortunately useless for me. Mute per-keyword basically just muting subjectively,not objectively. I believe even though someday I mastered regex, it won't help. Never.

Yes, people is free (as in freedom) to express theirselves, their ideas, their perspective. And I agreed with this XKCD comic: https://xkcd.com/1357/ But I more agree with this version: https://www.fireden.net/co/thread/87409628/#q87420827 Seriously.

Arguing with random people on internet is very wasting time, and Twitter give the door for you. Because your time is their money.

The microblog

Once again, I've written about this Microblog thing on this blog too, just scroll down.

I use Telegram as Microblog's medium, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. It's like just a Monolog's medium, where I talk to myself in silent, and other people is never know who interact (or interest) with that.

Twitter become "a nice™ place" for microblogging just because Twitter is limitting their user to only tweet under 240 characters per-tweet, and also they have large users.

And retweet + like + reply functionality, or basically it's all a retweet.

Just tweet with "Pengalaman saya ngentot dengan tante di hutan merkle [A THREAD]" as introduction, I believe you'll be a twitter superstar in very short time, trust me.

Once again, existing microblog's platform (not $TWTR) is not work (I hope it only) for me. Now I'm limiting myself to give twitter more money time, and when the time is come, probably I will quit from this social media thing and will never back.


Before Slack, Riot, or Discord is cool, I ever hanging out with some random (but nice) people on internet, anonymously, talking about the same interest: The undergound thing.

You know we talk about recent drupal & joomla vulnerability, the WebDAV thing, wordpress (and the plugin) vulnerability, shared backdoors for jumping or just some showoff of their zone-h link if you know what I'm talking about.

Sometimes sharing some tips & tricks on how to deal with the *hackers, *and this is the funny part.

And the best thing is, we are nice to each other.

I don't understand exactly why, but I believe they are all nice people both on internet & real world.

The #channel is reflecting of the interest, except the eleet. Sometimes the channel reflecting of their region, it's like ternate<thing>, binus<thing>, yogyakarta<thing>, anything.

Or the thing (like operating system) they interest (and use): Backtrack, fedora, freebsd, anything.

There is no explore page, there is no trending topic thing, there is no follow/unfollow. If you boring, or need rest, or whatever, just logoff.

There is no chance to become a FOMO one, because anything that gone is gone.

And I love it.

The blogging

I did my best to keep in loop with people (which I know/interest) that blogging: Via the RSS channel. I bought ReadKit to give me the maximum experience of what I did.

But blogging is taking some effort, especially for those who use git-based workflow on blogging: <command> new post, git add, git commit, git push.

And I believe that's one of reason why we are too lazy to publish a blog post, even though it's only contain ~300 words.

Look at the twitter, all you need is just write and click that damn Tweet button.

That's the reason why I use Ghost over Gastby, or Hugo, or Jekyll.

All I need is only click that New Post button, write the title, and let my brain lead what I think.

Blog is the best masterpiece ever on internet. You can meet with new people; Listen to their perspectives, discover new ideas, even though you don't know each other.

It's okay to disagree, you can keep it by yourself or express it if the author permit it. Or you can make a "subpost" like what Daring Fireball's usually do. The important is just being nice, don't be a jerk.

The closing

I have no idea with what I've written now.

This is just my short thought that lives on my mind, since I discovered this #100daystooffload thing.

I warned you that my english is terrible, but whatever.

I have no conclusion like what I usually do on my previous post, just assume this is just a random chat on coffee shop, not a podcast's video.

I really hope there are many folk has some interest with me, especially on this indie-movement-related thing. As a closing, here is what I wrote about what I've mentioned recently:

Thank you.