If you are curious about me, I'm a kind person; a Muslim, programmer, tinkerer, deep thinker, skeptical, and quite fun. My latest 16 personalities test was ENFJ, but I don't really care. I'm 20-something years old living in Bandung and a Banten-native people.

I love learning something & reading books. Also, a pedestrian; chain smoker, hard worker, and such an idealistic person. My doing is driven by principle; passion, and impact. I really love drinking coffee, you can always found me either in Starbucks Dipatiukur or Upnormal Sumur.

I spend almost my time to learn Psychology, Sociology, and Technology. I believe we can make our live—as a human—better by combining Psychology & Sociology to the technology since I'm a software engineer.

My bad habit was I'm such a forgetful person. Frequently I need to set a reminder for something that not-so-important.

However, I good in listening. I love communication, I love how people telling their stories & sharing their perspectives. So, if you have a good/bad story for me, just tell it to me! I'm always welcome everyone even I don't know who you are.

With some boundary between us, certainly :)

While you are still here, I need to let you know this is not an "About" page. I give people a freedom on how they judge me. I let them using their imagination in describing me.

Last, I'm in relationship, sorry. I'm single. And currently looking for Javanese girl, if you have friend; family, anything that is a Javanese girl, let me know :))

Thanks for stopping by, this page is private so thank you for your effort. Cheers!