Cleaning the "trash" post on Ghost blog

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As I mentioned here, I don't only writing about technical posts. Sometimes "life" story, sometimes random stuffs and sometimes some ranting. To keep the things being organized–and you got your context on visiting my blog–I create this Read Me first post, so you don't need to worry in losing your context.

But that was not enough. My homepage is the gateway to all my posts, and the homepage was dirty, mostly with my random stuffs: the ranting. To keep this being organized, I classified all my posts with 2 primary tags: Story and Technical on the homepage, otherwise will never placed on the homepage.

Fortunately Ghost gives me this feature, called "Custom Routes", to configure dynamic routing by modifying the routes.yaml file. This is how my routes.yaml looks like:


    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:technical,tag:story
    permalink: /microblog/{slug}/
    filter: tag:microblog

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

All my posts should have tag, otherwise it will shows you 404 page. Thanks to Ghost, this feature is extremely usable. For the result, you won't see my "ranting" which is I assume it as a "microblog".

My blog is my home, I can do everything I want. But I welcome every guests, so I need to keep my home clean to makes you enjoy in visiting me.

This is my current stats in last month, I hope you all enjoy my writing here. The green ones was Page Views and the blue was Visitors.

I need to reduce that bounce rate number!

If you are using Ghost, you can learn more about Custom Routes here.