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Everybody has their own ways to become successful, and we usually list them in our CV or LinkedIn profile. And we** usually** only share our successful instead of our failures, whether because it's a silly things, embrassing, or whatever you name it.

In this page I'm trying to share my failures, my previous mistakes, and some "remaining" dream that I'm working hard to make it came true. Come on, failure is not a taboo things. Everybody is ever failed, your favorite successful person was ever failed in their life, and they share their failure too, right?

By writing this, I hope I will become more better in future and learn from my own mistakes. So I can avoid those mistakes and hopefully you are too.

Professional Rejections

Failed projects

I have so many projects that fails before it's started. The most reason was I'm not serious enough, not dedicating my time seriously to that project, and have so many ideas in my minds and I cannot prioritize them. I will share it after I've serious project I've start.

Too afraid to try

Romantic Failures

I can't share it here because this was too personal, right? The point was: I only fail once.

Unfulfilled "dreams"

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