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Beside writing a blog, I'm the reader. I love reading someone thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Sometimes I do read any technical blog posts to see how they explain technical things from their perspectives.

I know a lot of Indonesian bloggers who write a blog in their spare time. From VP like Pradita, Principal engineer like Irfan, Developers advocate like Yohan, to individual that not representing any companies like Afrijal, Bagas, Nusendra, etc etc.

Also there are so many Indonesian bloggers that writing outside their personal domain, like on Medium or even Blogspot.

There are so much noise on internet, we need an "actual" medium for collecting articles that written by Indonesian developers. There is no "recommendation engine" because the engine itself should be a human, not machine.

Existing "medium"

Probably the best medium for now is Medium itself. Medium is a blogging network, you can follow & subscribe to specific users in case you are interesting with their write & want to getting know while the user you subscribe published a new post.

Unfortunately, there are so much "conspiration" towards Medium. Many great publication left Medium, one of them was WWWID; A modern web publication built by & for web developers community in Indonesia.

Beside Medium, there are and Hashnode. Both are a great & awesome developers community, but still, there are were not from Indonesia. In short, they should write a post in English, indirectly.

And so on with HackerNews, Lobsters, TechMeme, MetaCafe, etc.


If you know HackerNews & Lobsters, you will familiar with Also, was based on engine, we are forking the platform & prefer to become their sister site instead of build our own.

In short, I hope concat will become the developer network in Indonesia. If you write a blog, want to asking some question, you can do it on concat even in Bahasa; Javanese, or Sundanese language. As long as it come from Indonesia.

For now I want to focus only for developers network. No matters does your writing is about technical post, non-technical, whatever. As long as you are a developer, is welcoming you.

Honestly (the platform we use) is an invite-only platform, but by changing 1 line of code to this:

def open_singups?

Our platform will welcome everyone to signup!

Governed by evilfactorylabs

But maintained directly by me.

I do this approach it means to achieve "From community, by community, to community" principle. was stable enough, only costed $5/mo together with my another apps (my another 9 apps to be honest), incrementally backed up, and fast.

We use privacy-friendly analytics via Fathom, which is self-hosted on our server. Yes, this blog was powered by Fathom too.

My hope

I don't have a big hope, and will always keep it small. I don't have a dream to become the next HackerNews or even TechMeme, this should be (and always will be) a small place with big impact.

I maintain this because I need this. I'm HackerNews reader addict, also a royal RSS subscribers. RSS feed was great enough for me, but unfortunately it was private. And I assuming will become a "public RSS feed" especially for developers in Indonesia.

I don't launch this publicly, only to my blog readers. You are welcome to use All you need is only Sign Up, fill some mandatory fields (which is I don't even care there are stored on database), submit your link. You can choose is your submitted link was authored by you or everyone else, the difference is only like this: is needing you, and I hope you are needing concat too. You can spread the word about it, but please refer it to my blog so people can read the background behind concat.


I don't build/maintain something that I don't use,  this post was submitted here. This pet project is driven by my passion, not money. I don't even have a plan to making money from this (like via offering you all the ads from advertising network)

What happen with the name?

I start this pet project from Ekologi, the place was on Condong Catur, Yogyakarta. So I take the** Con** from Condong and** Cat** from Catur. Also, it quite interesting with the fact that concat was a method to "concatenation" or "combining" in some programming laguage especially in JavaScript.

My dream is to "combine" the Indonesian developers in one place, via concat.


If you have any question or feedback, feels free to shout it here.

Thanks for stopping by.