Static site doesn't work for me (in blogging)

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I've been blogging from long time ago, from Blogspot, Wordpress, Jekyll, Ghost, Medium, and any static sites generator. I enjoy writing my blog post on Vim, this is my longest writing writing on Vim. Also, I've been writing ~42 posts via Vim on my old blog its quite nice, simple, but don't work for me.

At least for my workflow.

Write + Commit + Push

The most satisfying workflow ever!

I'm developer and git-add-commit-push is pretty familiar with me.

But no when I'm blogging, I see myself as a "blogger" instead of "developer". To include an image, I need to cp <some where> <to some where> , mostly from my Desktop directory to cwd, and need to rename it to meaningful name.

Comparing with Ghost, all I need just type /image command, choose the image I want, and let Ghost handle the rest. No image linking (![alt](url)), so I can focus on writing a post.

Zero runtime is awesome

While I'm using static sites generator (Gridsome), my blog has no zero runtime.

Well, actually there are "web server" to handle request to my blog in somewhere else.

By using Ghost, I need a Node.js instance.

This is not a big deal since I have $5 cheap server with 9 apps run in docker container (and load-balanced by traefik). My traffic is not much enough, and this setup probably is the best for me.

Just write

Ghost koenig editor suppports markdown, actually. Even they will convert it to WYSIWYG-ish style. This is not a big problem for me as long as I can write any markdown syntax here.

So per my workflow today in blogging, all I need is just visit the admin page, write a new post, upload some image, and click publish button. No shell command, no git command, it just works.

And sorry, static site generators are not works for me.

For blogging.

Discussion here.