The Web I dream about

published at I want the Web is more collaborative, because collaboration make our lives better.

I do big invest in web platform, I don't learn how to build a desktop app with Objective-C, C# and C++; I don't learn how to build a native mobile app with Swift and Kotlin, and I don't learn how to build something cool with Raspberry & Python.

I'm not Front-end Developer™, but I do care with Web Platform. Application today was very depending with the Internet: the Cloud. Unfortunately, the centralized cloud. I'm not a fan of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency or anything related with that, but I do care with people.

I care with the community of people, not community of corporation users :)

Before we are talking to the main topic, let me tell you something what I think.

Web Hustlers™

Internet today was become a great place to make an income stream. According to the data from Indonesia Investments, as the start of 2019, internet users in Indonesia reached at 171.17 M people (or 64.8%). That was huge. Imagine you can sell something on internet to the 64.8% of Indonesia population.

I believe the number will always increase, obviously.

So now some technology companies are born. From E-commerce (BL/TKP); To fit our needs in buying things, on-demand services (GJK/GRB) to fit our needs in particular services, or some media companies (TRTO/DTK) that fit our needs in information consumption. And more.

Those companies are making the internet as a market. Some phrase like Business Digitalization is a bullshit, they are not transform their business to the digital, but to the web. It should be *webilization business, *someone please give me some noble!

Remember how Computer was invented? To make our work easier. Remember how Web was invented? To make the information open. Internet designed to connect one computer to another ones, and the Web is making that connection being open publicly accessible for anyone.

When something is belonging to the company, it means it should be profit. Did you find Tim Berners-Lee–The inventor of the web–on Forbes Billionaires Lists? But why does Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, etc that build something on top of web there?

The World Wide Web is not belonging to the company.

To improve our lives?

You know, some companies are exists and promising to make our lives better. I have one question: Which life?

Social media promising us to being connected with anyone in internet easier. But why does someone on Facebook/Twitter blocking someone else just because they don't agree with their perspective? Or someone on Instagram post that shitty obat pelangsing things?

I understand we can't agree with everything & everyone. Also we have to make a living, but you know what you feel while someone is smoking in non-smoking area? And someone is forbidden for smoking in smoking area?

Everything has its own place, likulli maqaalin maqaamun wa likulli maqaamin maqaalun.

E-Commerce makes our work–as a seller–easier, but why does Tokopedia has TopAds program so your item will be *easier *to reach... by giving some money to them?

In the name of profit. To improve the corporation lives.

But what if I don't have enough money?

And also for other tech companies/startup that want to make a sustainable business.

Thanks god, I'm programmer. And also you.

You can build anything you can including the next E-commerce, the next on-demand service, whatever.

You can make your lives better by build something on technology by your own.

The question is: Why build something that was exists? Why build your own E-commerce but Bukalapak & Tokopedia is there? And its free?

My another question is: What is free?

You know, to build e-commerce grade at BL/TKP scale needs hundred of server clusters, CDN with huge in-out bandwith, and databases to store your information. Its not free, cost much money and people. But they have much money from investors, but investors money is not unlimited and obviously they need a return.

Some features on E-commerce–like Message, Notification, Recommendation and another engines–cost much resources but all you need is only buy/sell something.

Those features are not your business, its theirs. They can mining something from what you sent in their Message feature so the Recommendation will highly accurate for you, so you can buy something that might be interested for you.

Back to the context, nothing is free. Its just someone else money.

...either investors money, sellers money, or yours. To keep Google operating until today (and to keep it free for you all), they use investors & advertisers money. You know, nothing is free, right?

I mean, what is different from using existing things or build/using your own? Its both cost money, but with different effort, right? And yes, with different costs at any scale.

The Web I dream about

What if the web is built & operated by independent (or anyone!), not-for-profit entity but without losing their missions? Imagine if E-commerce mission is to empowering SMEs in Indonesia, then it should be that.

You know one of top sites in the world? Its Wikipedia. As 16 Nov 2019, its on rank 10 on Alexa Top 500 Sites.

Wikipedia is gratis, ad-free, and not owned by the for-profit company. Launched at 2001 and its still there (18 years and still counting). One of Wikipedia mission is to collect & develop educational content under a free license by & for you, and that's it.

Wikipedia is one of the biggest web in the world, and its Open Source. It means you can build your own Wikipedia even for commercial. If you are a web hustler, consider to use open source project and sell some shit without worrying your moral.

I will take example from Wikipedia, so I will continue talking about it. Everyone can edit the content on Wikipedia, it means if someone write about yourself on Wikipedia and you found some information was wrong, you even can edit by yourself.

It means, Wikipedia is a collaborative platform. And collaborative or *gotong royong *is great in any level. And to make the web is "open for collaboration", you need to make the web application open at any scale.


If you lose the context, I'm so sorry and please give me a chance by reading this. I'm "ex" frontend developer, my previous focus was on web performance. Since I'm not frontend developer anymore–but still love the web platform–I don't actively talking about the web in technical side but in another side, like this.

I want the Web is more collaborative, because collaboration make our lives better.

To be collaborative, you need to:

So many way to make your web (app) open for collaboration, like:

Since its collaborative, the *connection *was between people directly.

And its good for our lives, right?

There are some web (app) that probably you might not know beside Wikipedia, like Mastodon for example: A Twitter-like social media alternative but Open Source & run in federated cloud.

Twitter is ad-funded company, they rely on Ads to keep they operates well so Twitter can keep to connect everyone in the world. Its different from Mastodon that is not ad-funded company (even they are not a company!) but rely to the users itself via donation to keep Mastodon development run & to keep Mastodon instance operate.

Everyone can connect with another Mastodon users even they are not registered in another Mastodon instance, thanks to the OpenTechnology, this things make it possible.

I don't interesting anymore with Web Performance since high-end devices will be higher, internet speed will be faster, and 2 of it will be more cheaper. Also, your stack probably using some toolkit that has production-grade like Create React App, Vue CLI, etc. Although you don't know what Tree shaking is, your toolkit probably did that :)

And yes, although you don't know what requestAnimationFrame; requestIdleCallback, and layout thrashing is, your framework was take care of it so your UI will be rendered smoothly.

I done with the "good thing" for web in technical side. There are so many great people both in local (Indonesia) and global that care & sharing their expertise about it (like performance in web).

And now, I'm on this side: On how to make the Web more open, independent, and collaborative. On how connection on the web is between the people, not the company. On how to make the web improve our lives.

Internet hustlers are annoying, greedy as fuck, and arrogant. I don't hate a company, I think we need to make the "alternative" to the "company" and "the centralized cloud".

The Web Standard (and another not-for-profit company) was provided that, and our imagination is only the limit.

To make our lives better.

In case capitalists is reading this, you are welcome to laugh on me. I don't know what the world to be if internet (or everything) is owned by the company.

I agree that company pay people, and people make living from it. But what if nobody is pay to "the company" so they can't pay the "people"? I don't have interest (and energy) to become the SJW but I believe people is always have needs.

We need to drink a coffee for the shake of productivity and needs, Starbucks won't run if they don't have a coffee, and the coffee are taken from a coffee farmer. And a farmer get the coffee from the ground. I mean Starbucks is not the only one reason we can drink a coffee, the only one (or two?) was a coffee farmer and the ground.

In short, you don't need a company to make a living. All you need is a human needs, and people who want to pay for what you did for their needs.

Why does so hard to believe to people instead to the company?