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My favorite activities when I'm boring is trying new browser. I've heard previously about qutebrowser, but I don't have time (and energy) to try it. Now, since I can't sleep, I will try to try it and this is so fascinating.

I will give you some preview. Image above is qutebrowser in fullscreen mode. Qutebrowser support Vim keybinding as their first-class feature, so I don't need to learn too much to getting started with this :)


Yes, like Vim. There is Normal & Insert Mode. Here is insert mode, so hjkl will be typed instead of being executed. This is cool.


Some shortcut was *intuitive *enough:

Probably there are so many useful shortcut but list above was enough for me :)


The sell point of qutebrowser is "go mouseless". This is my favorite feature of quotebrowser (I will share it as a gif below) You can type f in Normal mode, so you will get hint of any shortcut you can type to go to the link/element you want.


Although the website says it was included with Adblock, but I still see ads on Youtube.

Not a silverbullet

By being "mouseless" it means you are not 100% will be more productive. But this browser is quite fun, and my little knowledge related with vim was used here. This browser bundle size is ~200MB, using Qt (and QTWebEngine that basically using Chromium).

I just love the minimal GUI and the awesome key binding support :)

Something I (may) not know

In normal mode, frequently I use b and e to navigate between words. But in here it doesn't works.

Visual mode also doesn't work (or not supported)? So I can't just V this block to immediately delete the paragraph.

a for append is not works too. I frequently using a instead of i.

For opening new tab, I think :tabe is more intuitve than ctrl+t.

G and GG not works.

Overall it's good.

One of the good alternative

If you are boring with another GUI-based browser (Chrome, Firefox, Tor), you can try this instead of using text-based user interface like w3m or lynx.

If you are interesting to you use, go download it here.

Probably not for you

Especially if you are not very familiar with Vim. You will be confuse at the first time on using this, but they have a great documentation (just type :help, you will see).

This browser is powered with Python & Qt. I don't believe enough in using Python for this context in performance, but overall its good. Maybe someone make a fork but using Rust like another application?

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Tuesday everybody.