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Fariz is a product-minded engineer with strong interest in R&D. Working professionally as a (Web) Front-end things with ~6 years experience from associate to lead stairs in startup to MSE.

Have experience in several industries including Ed-tech, E-commerce, SaaS, and Real-time communication. Now interesting in (big) data industry.

In soft skills, he self-proclaimed as a T-shape people, pragmatic, and self-driven.

In hard skills, in programming language level, he is good enough with 3 foundations of Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and Node.js. Since he is interesting with distributed computing, now he is hacking with Go & Rust to make concurrency better with small footprint.

In database, he good enough with SQL like MariaDB, SQLite & Postgresql and NoSQL like Redis and MongoDB. Now he is interesting with CockroachDB (postgres-like but designed for cloud) & Cassandra (yes, that big data things).

He know several scripting command, have a good enough sysadmin skills, and know how to use Docker, ufw, and reading the logs.

Hire me!

I'm open for Software Engineer, Developer Advocate, and management-thing position. Remote position is preferable since I really enjoy living in Bandung, but willing to relocate if you have a very good reason.

Hired as an Individual Contributor or Staff Engineer are welcome.

Work with me!

I form a commercial part of evilfactorylabs, Edgy Technology. Don't ask me why the name. As Q1 of 2020, we are building a SaaS product in order to empowering people who are working in passion economy.

And as evilfactorylabs ethos, the product will be a Source Available project (read about Common Clause license). We are small and independent, that's why we choose Source Available over Open Source since the OSS term is pretty complex and hard for us.

You are working directly with me (and other 2 awesome people you probably know) hacking with modern JavaScript, Reason, Node.js, and Go. We don't have need an office, basically we more enjoy working via Upnormal, Starbucks, and some random coffee shop with fast internet connection.